CryptoMatrix – provable security for your brands

CryptoMatrix is a 3D matrixcode with an integrated physical copy lock which makes it a unique forgery-proof code. It can be checked and traced globally using a smartphone.

CryptoMatrix is in particular useful for the identification and authentication of brands to prevent counterfeiting and grey-market activities. In contradiction to traditional systems CryptoMatrix works with strong encryption and provable security.

It can be applied to packagings and works in high speed production lines as well. Tagged items can be identified, authenticated and tracked globally. Even we can not fake it.

Gleiche Packungen werden zu Unikaten

Uniform packages will become unique








CryptoMatrix consists of these modules:

CryptoMatrix production line


Cryptomatrix Linie

CryptoMatrix line


CryptoMatrix Checker

Cryptomatrix Handheld

Mobile Verifikation with the CryptoMatrix checker identifies counterfeiting.