Informium – Your partner in the battle against counterfeiting

Informium is a specialist for anticounterfeiting technology

Firmensitz Technologiepark Bensberg

Headquarter Bensberg

Informium was founded in 2001. Technical background of the products is cryptography on a molecular and physical basis.





Our mission is mathematical proven security on a cryptographic level and the identification and authentification of products with mobile devices.

With our technology you can protect your brands against counterfeiting and grey-market activities.


What does this mean for you?

There are a lot of products for anticounterfeiting. Most of the use “classical” security features (e.g. holograms, special printing techniques, special markers, …) which are related to printing technology. The quality of such systems are based upon obscurity. An important issue with this is: the quality of the security technology can not be measured.

This has a lot of disadvantages:

  • you can not measure the security,
  • you can not prove the security,
  • the technology is not well documented.

Besides this there are a lot of issues:

It takes a lot of efforts just to keep secrets of the technology.  If the chain of secrets leaks, your “security technology” will be worthless immediately.

Our technology takes a completely different way. In the year 2002 it was shown that provable copy protection on the basis of mathematical cryptography can be realized. CryptoMatrix uses this principle in a smart way with the use of smartphones.  This ends up in a totally new quality of anticounterfeiting: in principle, it would be possible to publish the complete procedure and technology, but the system remains secure.


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